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we are passionate in working towards sustainable energy efficiency and environmental solutions that transform businesses


Sumeru Verde is a provider of integrated and optimized energy management solutions that improve operational efficiency for utilities, real estate communities, industrial and bulk consumers.

We have the full spectrum of smart energy metering solutions, big data analytics and a metering platform designed for smart grid evolution. We are passionately working towards end-consumer driven sustainable energy efficiency and environmental solutions.

We are instrumental in deploying smart solutions with the help of our global talent pool to assure reliable, well-planned and trustworthy delivery from any and all locations.

With the optimized use of resources and empowerment of the customers through intelligent use of technology, we are committed to build smart businesses for our client while adhering to international best practices and conducting business in a socially responsible manner.

Our ready to deploy Products

We deliver smart and cost efficient solutions for the clients to help them optimize, monetize and streamline regular business assets and operations while empowering them with an intelligent information system that enables them to make informed and calculated decisions.

We provide completely integrated and optimized energy management solutions that are industry oriented, ready to deploy with best practices and tailored to suit the need of our clients.

Smart Energy Meters

Metering / monitoring IOT device with two-way communication and remote connect-disconnect

Data Concentrator Units

Gateway for two-way communication between Smart Meters and head-end system

LT CT Energy Meter

IOT device capable of two-way communication.

Meter Data Management

Central data repository system to store, archive, retrieve & analyze meter data

Head End System

To collect & store raw data without human intervention

Panel Energy Meter

For three energy and power measurement, capturing alarm conditions, data logging and data communications to central server

In-home Display(IHD) Units

A touch screen device connected with smart meter, communicate energy data directly to user

Prepayment Vending System

Secure revenue management system for utilities and real estate companies

Net Energy Meter

Designed to credits electricity customers for the excess electricity produced by their own generation system

EcoMode Mobile Application

Mobile based energy monitoring and management apps for energy consumers

Streetlight Controllers

Remote monitoring & management for complete energy efficiency


The innovative culture across our organization is a product of the behaviors that we embrace throughout. Our leaders strongly believe that building an innovative culture starts by looking at how you behave as a leader toward those trying to innovate, it all begins with the behavior of your leaders.

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At Sumeru Verde, we aim to deliver creative and innovative sustainable energy solutions. Our team of engineering experts work with our technology partners to create robust, cost-effective solutions faster.

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